Alumnus establishes psychology endowment fund

March 28, 2013

Psychology alumnus Thomas O’Grady ’93 has established an endowment fund to support experiential learning opportunities for psychology majors at Bradley University.

The Thomas F. O’Grady Endowment Fund, which originated with his $50,000 donation, will significantly increase the magnitude, quality, and sustainability of student-faculty collaborative activities in the psychology department at Bradley University.

The endowment’s mission is to provide funding for students to ensure high quality academic experiences outside of traditional classroom settings. These experiences foster students’ quantitative, communication, and scientific thinking skills.

“The psychology department is very grateful to Mr. O’Grady,” said Dr. Derek Montgomery, chairperson of the psychology department. “The fund will serve a lot of important purposes; for instance, the opportunity for a student to conduct high quality research with a faculty advisor will be substantially enhanced by the financial support.”

Mr. O’Grady is the owner and founder of O’Grady Investments LLC and a partner at Freepoint Commodities, one of the foremost energy trading companies in North America. He received the Carl E. Smith Award as an outstanding psychology graduate in 1993 and the Annual Outstanding Alumni Award from the psychology department in 2012.

For more information about the Thomas F. O’Grady Endowment Fund contact Daniel Cleveland at Bradley University: (971) 570-2899 or