Psychology Major

To major in psychology the student must complete a minimum of 34 hours that include:

1. Foundation

  • Content:
    • PSY 101  Principles of Psychology (with a grade of C or better) 
    • PSY 201  Brain and Behavior
  • Methodological:
    • PSY 205  Quantitative Methods (with a grade of C or better)
    • PSY 206  Experimental Psychology

2. Core Distribution

Three courses total: At least one course from Category A and at least one course from Category B.  PSY 206 is a prerequisite for all.

  • Category A: 
    • PSY 350  Developmental Psychology (formerly PSY 304)
    • PSY 352  Personality Psychology
    • PSY 354  Social Psychology (formerly PSY 308)
    • PSY 356  Abnormal Psychology (formerly PSY 345)
  • Category B: 
    • PSY 360  Psychology of Learning (formerly PSY 302)
    • PSY 362  Cognitive Psychology (formerly PSY 307)
    • PSY 364  Behavioral Neuroscience (formerly PSY 403)
    • PSY 366  Sensation & Perception (formerly PSY 404) 

3.  Breadth: Electives

Nine additional semester hours from any of the psychology course offerings

  • Exceptions:
    • A course used to satisfy another major requirement (Foundation, Core Distribution, and/or Advanced) cannot also be used to concurrently satisfy the elective requirement.
    • Only three hours of individual study courses (PSY 341, 342, 481, 491) will count toward satisfying the elective requirement.

4. Advanced

Any 400-level course (except PSY 481 and 491)


Only Jr/Sr classes may be transferred from other institutions as Core Distribution or Advanced requirements.

Students must complete the Psychology Department senior exit exam within the final semester at Bradley as an undergraduate.