Religious Studies

The major in religious studies is designed to  help students develop  a broad understanding of specific world religions. The Curriculum addresses religious traditions, biblical literature, and historical developments of religions  by analyzing particular texts and cultivating awareness of the methods used in the academic study of religion, such as: linguistics, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and history. Our program holds particular strengths in the psychology of religion, contemporary American religion, Chinese religions, east Asian Buddhism, Japanese religions, Hebrew Bible and New Testament, early Christianity, Jewish-Christian relations, Islam in the Middle East, Egyptian Christianity, and Christian-Muslim relations.  Besides our particular specialties, our faculty has proven a long-term commitment to comprehensive learning by chairing the Bradley University Honors Program, helping establish the Asian Studies Program, and teaching Western Civilization courses.  Most of our courses are deemed by the university to be integral to the general education core curriculum.  Thus, Religious Studies majors benefit from the diversity of students throughout the university who attend their classes to fulfill general education requirements.

The major includes opportunities for independent study, allowing students to explore a particular text or research question in an individual setting. The modest course-hour requirement for the major enables many students  to pursue other majors and/or minors  to round out their university curriculum. Majors are encouraged to study a foreign language.