A major in religious studies requires the completion of 24 credit hours, at least 20 of which must be at in courses numbered 200 and above. While there is no prescribed order for taking courses, students are encouraged to first develop a broad overview of the discipline through the courses on world traditions and U.S. religions (RLS 101, 200, 331, 332) and biblical literature (RLS 300, 302). This overview would then be deepened through courses on particular religious traditions (Islam RLS 121, 320, 321; Japanese religions RLS 340, Chinese religions RLS 338; Buddhism RLS 336), themes (Christian monasticism RLS 305), and methodologies (psychology of religion RLS 280; philosophy of religion RLS 344). Independent study is available to upper-level students who wish to address texts, themes, or methodologies in greater depth.


The religious studies minor requires the completion of 15 credit hours. The requirements of the minor are designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of world religions and biblical literature while at the same time allowing room to explore the student’s particular interests.