Bradley University’s Religious Studies program is primarily designed for the student who wants an academic understanding of this significant area of human culture and life. A comprehensive and non-sectarian program of studies is provided to meet the special interests and needs of all students. Courses provide insight into origins and historical development of world religions, the production and interpretation of religious texts, the role of religion in contemporary society, the nature and diversity of religious belief systems, and the place of religious belief or experience in our personal lives. The Religious Studies program is also appropriate for students electing a major in religious studies with the intention of further graduate or professional study in religion or related fields.


To major in religious studies a student must:

  • Complete not less than 24 semester hours in religious studies, including not less than 20 in courses numbered 200 or above;
  • Have a grade point average exceeding 2.0 in all religious studies courses numbered 200 or above;
  • Select a member of the religious studies faculty as an academic advisor in order to plan the choice and sequence of religious studies courses;
  • Complete the all-University course requirements and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences course requirements.

Religious studies majors may earn either a B.S. or B.A. degree. Religious studies majors intending to pursue a graduate degree in religious studies however, are urged to fulfill the B.A. requirements.