About the Department

Director’s welcome

I am truly pleased that you are considering or have chosen Bradley’s Social Work Program to continue your education. Our faculty all have several years of experience in social work. One has worked primarily as a child and family therapist and continues a small practice to stay current in the field. Another has worked as a psychoanalyst with adults and continues a small practice. The third has worked primarily as a community organizer and continues to be active in community projects. We believe this diversity gives students a broad and well-rounded view of social work. With 75 majors, we are able to get to know our students and provide individual career guidance. You will find our faculty open to students and anxious to discuss your career in social work.

In all practice courses, you will be involved with a social service agency, which gives you the opportunity to experience social work and decide if this is the career for you. In your senior year, you will receive field experience working in a social service agency. This gives you the chance to learn to apply in practice what you have learned in the classroom. We strive to place students in field experiences that fit their career plans.

Overall, we believe we have an outstanding program that prepares students for graduate education and practice. We have placed most of our students in the graduate programs that were their first choice. We strive to assure that each student gains an outstanding education in social work.

Dr. Wayne C. Evens


The mission of the Social Work Program is to prepare students for beginning generalist practice in social work settings and to provide an educational foundation for students to pursue graduate study in social work and other helping professions.


The Bradley Social Work Program was accredited by the Council on Social Work Education in June 2002 and received retroactive accreditation to the 1999-2000 academic year. The program was reaccredited in 2006. We constantly assess our curriculum to assure that our students are prepared for current social work practices.