Student research and other activities

October 26, 2011

Many Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies Program students received recognition for their student research and other activities.

Sociology and criminal justice studies major Skyy Calice was recently featured in an NPR report on the ways young people are learning to budget and save money.

Sociology major Jonathon Holland (May ’11) and Dr. Liz Crawford presented their paper on college student drinking (“Expansion of a Measure of Beliefs about Alcohol and the College Experience”) at a roundtable session at the annual meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society in St. Louis in March 2011.

Sociology majors Brittney Richardson (May ’11) and Chris Turner (May ’11) served as discussants for a session, “Studies in Rural and Urban Political Economy,” at the annual meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society in St. Louis in March. Participants included Dr. Lori Wiebold, who organized the session and presented a paper on funding for health care and economic development in Iowa. 

Sociology student Amanda Kruse and Dr. Lori Wiebold presented their paper on the impact of gaming in rural Midwestern counties (“County Gaming Revenue: Goldmine for Residents?”) at the joint meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society and the North Central Sociological Association in Chicago in April 2010.

In Fall 2010, sociology major Brittney Richardson (May ’11) co-presented “Marx and The Matrix: Using Popular Film to Teach Social Theory” with Dr. Darcy Leach at the Illinois Sociological Association conference. 

During Spring 2011, sociology majors Brittney Richardson (May ’11) and Heather Terry assisted Dr. Leach in the development of a plan for the design of a multilevel game for teaching social theory by reviewing research on how students learn abstract theories and investigating software options.

Sociology major Jenny Crusen (May ’11) completed an independent research project examining the links between ethnic identity and body image. A summary of her results will be featured on the website of The Body Project.