Careers in Sociology

Recent survey results indicate that individuals with an undergraduate degree in sociology frequently work in social services, as counselors, in administrative support positions in non-profit organizations, in administrative management (e.g., overseeing government contracts, managing quality assurance operations, or coordinating programs), or in marketing (ASA, 2009). For more detailed information about careers in sociology, and tips on how to best prepare for the job market, go to the following American Sociological Association website.

Majoring in sociology also prepares students for graduate study and subsequent employment in a variety of fields. Individuals who earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology often continue their education at the graduate level in sociology, social work, education, law, or counseling (ASA, 2009). For tips on preparing for graduate school, go to the following American Sociological Association website.

Source:  American Sociological Association. 2009. 21st Century Careers with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology. Washington, DC:  American Sociological Association.

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