The department has an effective program for helping students interested in applied careers obtain internships at local social service, counseling, and criminal justice agencies. These placements provide a unique experience that enables students to apply sociological concepts and theories outside of the classroom. Students can explore potential careers, learn new skills and make responsible decisions in a real world setting. It is through the experience of internships that many students determine which aspects of sociology interest them the most and what kind of career they ultimately want to pursue.

Under the supervision of a sociology faculty member, an internship setting that will give the student a chance to learn about an organization’s goals, its policies and problem solving techniques is selected. Many community organizations and agencies are eager to provide internships to our students. Although most of these internships are unpaid, they often open doors to good jobs and will enrich students’ resumes, whether they apply to graduate school or enter directly into a professional career.

Sociology majors and minors, as well as students majoring in criminal justice studies who secure internship placements through our department, have worked at a variety of organizations here in the Peoria area and in their hometowns. We have recently placed interns at the following local organizations and agencies.

  • Catholic Charities
  • Peoria County Adult Probation
  • Peoria County Jail
  • Peoria Country Juvenile Detention Center
  • Peoria County Police Department
  • Peoria County State Attorney’s Office
  • Peoria Youth Farm Inc.
  • State of Illinois Department of Corrections Work Release Center
  • Various law firms