Pi Gama Mu

Pi Gamma Mu, which is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has over 170 active chapters with more than 160,000 members in colleges and universities in the United States. Its major goal is to recognize good scholarship and promote excellence in social sciences.

Students invited to join are juniors, seniors and graduates who have attained a B + grade average or better and have at least 20 semester hours in a social science discipline or in a combination of social science disciplines such as sociology, psychology, social work, criminal justice, history, political science and international studies. Students who qualify for membership in Pi Gamma Mu will be contacted during the spring semester.

A lifetime membership fee entitles you to a two-year subscription to the society's journal, a certificate of membership, a key pin, and opportunities to work closely with those who share your interests and furtherance of a professional career. There are also a number of scholarships that society members may apply for. Please visit Pi Gamma Mu’s Homepage for more information about these scholarships as well as other benefits associated with membership in this society.

Here at Bradley, the Illinois Gamma Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu has an honored history. More than 900 students and faculty have joined since it was chartered. Please contact Bradley’s PGM faculty advisor, Dr. Darcy Leach, if you have questions about the Bradley chapter of Pi Gamma Mu or about becoming a member.

New Members of Illinois Gamma Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu (Spring 2011)

  • Bailey Buxbaum
  • Cody Maddock
  • Sharmeen Somani
  • Hannah Elger
  • Walter Prescott
  • Rebecca Valladares
  • Katelynn Hellige
  • Justin Reeg
  • Marie Varnet
  • Ashley Hines
  • Benjamin Rudolph
  • Jamie Veatch
  • Nicholas Kinzel
  • Shawn Smothers
  • Erik Zdansky

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Caption (below) should read:  Spring 2011 initiates and active Gamma Chapter members

Illinois Gamma Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu Officers (2011-2012), pictured below with Dr. Darcy Leach (faculty advisor) and Dr. Bernie Zant (State Governor, Pi Gamma Mu)

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From the left:  Walter Prescott, Secretary; Ashley Hines, President; Erik Zdansky, Vice President; Dr. Darcy Leach; Dr Bernie Zant.