Program Goals

In general, we want our students to obtain a solid understanding of the field of sociology and its applications. We seek to prepare students for a variety of careers that increasingly require a strong grasp of the structure and problems of the American society. We also seek to prepare our majors for graduate study in sociology and related social sciences, should they choose to continue their education after graduating from Bradley University.

Moving toward these ends, our courses encompass the history of the field, methods of data collection and analysis as well as a variety of specific subject areas (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, work and occupations, mental health, politics, and crime). Many of our courses have a cross-cultural or comparative component. We also offer opportunities for directed study or independent research and participation in internships within a variety of work settings.

Requirements for the Minor

The sociology minor requires a minimum of 15 hours as specified below:

  • SOC 100; SOC 240 or SOC 320
  • At least 9 of the 15 hours must be at the 300 level or above.
  • Minimum of 2.01 grade-point average in courses taken for the minor.

General Education Courses

The following courses meet the University’s General Education requirements:

Cultural Diversity (CD) and Social Forces (SF)

  • SOC 100 The Sociological Perspective (SF)
  • SOC 302 Sociology of Diversity (CD)
  • SOC 312 Social Inequality (SF)
  • SOC 313 Race, Ethnicity, and Power (CD, SF)
  • SOC 314 Native Americans (CD)
  • SOC 315 Gender and Society (CD, SF)
  • SOC 325 Science, Technology and Modernity (SF)
  • SOC 326 Sociology of Globalization (SF)

Non-Western Civilization

  • SOC 101 The Anthropological Perspective
  • SOC 300 Cross-Cultural Perspective on Gender
  • SOC 303 Culture and Belief: Magic, Witchcraft, Religion
  • SOC 305 Peoples and Culture of the Non-Western World
  • SOC 311 Comparative Family Systems (of non-Western cultures)
  • SOC 314 Native Americans

Human Values (Philosophical)

  • SOC 321 Individual and Society
  • SOC 420 Critical Theory