Why Choose Sociology?

Sociology is a rich discipline that prepares baccalaureate students in the best liberal arts tradition to be functioning citizens in the complex modern world. Sociology is a dynamic and powerful tool for understanding the way people organize themselves into families, groups, communities, cities and organizations, and societies. The sociological perspective is one you will carry with you throughout life, whether you enter a profession, start a business, or go to graduate school. It can be applied to the most pressing social issues and problems of our time. Sociological theories and concepts will help students to understand social problems such as crime, poverty, racism, violence against women and children, and sexism and to contribute to their solutions.

Majoring in Sociology at Bradley

Sociology here at Bradley is a popular major for students interested in understanding the manner in which societies operate and in promoting social justice. Our curriculum provides students with the strong academic background required for graduate study in sociology, law, public policy, criminal justice, and social work. Sociology majors also acquire the theoretical knowledge and research skills that enable them to readily transition into work in the community, as substance abuse counselors and case managers; in the government, as policy analysts and urban planners; and in the criminal justice system, as juvenile court workers and correctional counselors. Our internship program facilitates the application of knowledge gained within the classroom to specific work contexts.

The Faculty

Our faculty members, including six sociologists and one cultural anthropologist, hold Ph.D.s from leading institutions and have expertise in the following areas: globalization, national identity, family, inequality, race/ethnicity, gender, social movements, medical sociology, medical anthropology, mental health, criminology, work and occupations, social psychology, religion, and critical theory. Our faculty members are active in research and regularly publish scholarly articles and books. They are also dedicated teachers. They are personable and are available to students for academic advising, graduate school preparation and career counseling. See our faculty profiles for additional information about the members of our department.

The Students

Sociology students come from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse interests and career goals. A number of our majors go onto graduate school in sociology or a related field. We are proud of the fact that some of our alumni are now recognized as outstanding educators and professionals.

Many of our students have two or more majors and plan to enter such fields as law, personnel administration, law enforcement, applied research, and social policy. Our majors often work with individual faculty members on community research projects, complete independent readings courses in substantive areas not covered by our regular curriculum, complete independent research projects, and participate in internships.

In addition, our Sociology Club provides students with the opportunity for social and academic interaction. Here, through the sharing of common experiences, students can forge close relationships with each other and with faculty. Students with at least a B+ average are also invited to join the two honor societies housed within our department: Alpha Kappa Delta, an international sociology honor society, and Pi Gamma Mu, an international social science honor society.

The Jobs

Sociologists are employed in many parts of the business world. They are engaged in research as well as strategic planning and public relations. Some are supervisors and directors of large corporations. Others do consulting or serve as staff researchers for the government or in private research firms. Many sociology majors enter into applied fields and work as case managers, counselors, coordinators, or program directors. For additional information on jobs available to individuals with degrees in sociology see information on Careers in Sociology.