Sociology & Social Work

The Department of Sociology and Social Work offers a variety of courses useful to students with diverse professional and educational goals. The department offers a major and a minor in sociology, a minor in anthropology, and a major in social work.


Sociology is a popular major for students planning careers in such professions as law, business, journalism, health care, education, politics, social services, or public administration. It provides a solid body of knowledge on the nature and problems of human relations and a distinctive way of looking at the world. Through readings, research, and systematic discussion students are introduced to fundamental problems of the contemporary world in an innovative and challenging manner and are prepared to become imaginative and sensitive participants in the events that will shape the 21st century.

Social Work

The Social Work Program prepares students for generalist BSW level social work. Bradley’s Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Graduates in social work are licensable in Illinois and most other states, and they receive advanced standing in most graduate schools of social work.


The department of Sociology and Social work offers a minor in Anthropology.  Anthropology enables students to comprehend values and practices different from their own; to develop an appreciation of, and sensitivity to, cultural diversity; and to better understand their own lives and the lives of others relative to larger global and historical processes. The comparative, cross-cultural and global basis of anthropological knowledge adds an important perspective to undergraduate studies in any discipline.