Field & Clinical Experience

Student teaching is an important experience for each teacher education program. It is the policy of the department that all student teaching assignments be in or immediately near Peoria. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case petition when there are extenuating circumstances. Students with questions about student teaching should contact Jane Cushing, Director of Clinical and Field Experiences, or Dean Cantù, Chair of the Department of Teacher Education. Student teaching and all other field and clinical experiences must be taken for a pass/fail grade.

Field Experiences

There are two field experiences. The first requires a minimum of 25 hours of directed observations in a setting appropriate for the education major. The second experience involves an in-depth study of an individual learner, which includes a minimum of 25 hours in a clinical experience.

Novice Teaching

Supervised teaching experience in P-12 setting. Planning and implementing instruction in the student's teaching area.

Student Teaching

Placement in Peoria-area classrooms. Instructional planning and implementation in a P-12 setting.

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