Admission & Auditions

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program in Theatre Arts requires successful admission to Bradley University.

Students desiring to pursue a concentration in performance or production are required to audition or present a design/theatre technology portfolio prior to admission to the concentration. Students will be required to demonstrate basic talents and the potential to grow as theatre artists as well as the commitment and discipline essential for successful completion of their studies.

The Performance Concentration audition shall consist of two contrasting monologues, one serious and one comic, plus an optional 16 bars of music. The entire audition should not exceed three minutes.

The Production Concentration portfolio consists of material such as photographs; drafting, drawings, and sketches of scenery, props, costumes, art, and/or make-up projects; light plots; CAD projects; sound recording; and a stage manager’s promptbook. The entire portfolio presentation review should not exceed ten minutes.

For more information, contact the department chairperson.