Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

2006-2007 Season: November 17 - December 1

By Tony Kushner
Directed by Doug Rosson

In Angels, Kushner gives a voice to traditionally marginal societies often dwarfed by the white male hegemonic system.  The “others” in this play include gays, African-Americans, women, and various religious groups.  Yet, they stand for all the marginalized subcultures that AMERICA has tried to consume in hopes that the acid in its stomach, the decay in the center, will reduce them into homogeneity.  Kushner argues that America is not a “melting pot” but a stew, whose different ingredients are not pureed, but simmer side by side to create flavor.  Angels in America then, is a piece that empowers the marginal “others,” and subverts the current hierarchies—possibly  by calling forth epic outsiders.