The Oresteia

2008-2009 Season: November 13 - November 23

By Sean Capistrant, Sarah Duncan, Lisa Huberman, Nicholas Myers, Lauren Rapciak, Allison Reinke, Benjamin Scarbrough and Jessi Veverka

With Becki Arnold, Erich Keil, Doug Rosson, Jim Ferolo and George H. Brown

Adapted from Aeschylus

Co-Directors George H. Brown and Jim Ferolo

Violence begets violence in this original adaptation created by Bradley students of one of the theatrical cornerstones of Western Civilization.  In the cursed House of Atreus, the world spirals ever deeper into chaos as the great hero Agamemnon is murdered by his unfaithful wife on his return from the Trojan War – and the sins of the family pass on to the sone.  Justice, sexual politics, violence, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit to rise above terror resonate throughout Aeschylus’ masterpiece: the first dramatic exclamation for justice and human rights.