One Third of a Nation

2012 - 2013 Season: April 11 - April 21

Fire in a tenement.   Corruption in the housing market.  The Little Man struggles for a voice and a better life.  In 1938, Arthur Arent and the Federal Theatre Project created the Living Newspaper production One-Third of a Nation, the subject of which is startlingly relevant today. The title springs from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's second inaugural speech, in which he articulates the great challenge of the fact that one third of the nation remained "ill-housed, ill-clad, and ill-nourished."  One-Third of a Nation brings to life the rise of slums in America and wrestles with the universal human desire for a decent life.   Guest Artist Sean Graney of the Hypocrites Theatre of Chicago adapts and directs this production.


Ali Pinkerton Actor 1
Jake Hayes Actor 2
Farris Abou-Hanna Actor 3
John Carroll Actor 4
Erin Kennedy Actor 5
Ashley Bendien Actor 6
Alicia Thomas Actor 7
Taylor Soto Actor 8
Greg Schamberger Actor 9
Brian McKinley Actor 10
Julianne Nogar Actor 11
Kiayla Jackson Actor 12
Cedric Knuth Actor 13
Josiah Williams Actor 15
Danielle Dyksterhouse Actor 16