A Raisin in the Sun

2012 - 2013 Season: February 28 - March 10

Three generations are pressed together in one apartment.   Times are tight and getting tighter.  Lorraine Hansberry's Pulitzer Prize-winning play takes its title from the poem "A Dream Deferred" by Langstron Hughes, and draws us into the Younger family's crossroads moment in Chicago's largely African-American Woodlawn neighborhood around 1960.  The hearts and minds of the Youngers are full to bursting with different ideas of and yearnings for what it will take to improve their situation.   Dreams are on the verge of festering.   A long-awaited insurance check is on its way and could change everything.  Will it bring real change?  Raisin eloquently explores the dynamics of family, parenthood, socio-economics, pride, love, ethnicity, and race.   Guest Artist, Bradley alumnus, local theatre artist and television personality Garry Moore directs.

Production Team

Name Position
Garry Moore Director
Katie Espinoza Stage Manager
Ali Pinkerton Assistant Stage Manager
Kyle Peck Prop Runner
Dara Ozarowski Wardrobe Head
Catherine Zimmerman Dresser
Peyton McDermott Light Board Operator
Rachael Pell Sound Board Operator
Arianna Brown Scenic Designer
Mark Lohman Assistant Scenic Designer (Mentor)
Liz Tanner Props Master
Cedric Knuth Assistant Prop Master
Carrie Peiffer Technical Director
Mark Lohman Assistant Technical Director (Mentor)
Chad Lowell Lighting Designer
Jacob Winslow Assistant Lighting Designer
Crystal Pulkowski Master Electrician
Andy Kauff Sound Designer
Chad Lowell Assistant Sound Designer (Mentor)
Ellie Cashen Costume Designer
Becki Arnold Assistant Costume Designer (Mentor)
Julianne Nogar Hair & Makeup Designer
Sahara Alphonso Publicist


Name Role
Alicia Thomas Beneatha
Cecil Blutcher Walter
Dawne McClure George
Dottie Robinson Mama
John Carroll Mr. Lindner
Josiah Williams Asagai
Kiayla Jackson Ms. Johnson
Morgan Green Ruth
Raj Bond Bobo
Rashiek McBride Travis