Side Show

2013 - 2014 Season: Sept 26-29 and Oct 3-6, 2013

Book & Lyrics by Bill Russell
Music by Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls)

The boldly theatrical musical based on the lives of the celebrated Hilton Sisters, Daisy and Violet: conjoined twins whose triumphant and tragic lives ranged from the freak shows and carnival tents of Depression-era America to the stages of Vaudeville and the cameras of Hollywood.

"Daring and Enthralling" (NY Times)


Daisy Hilton Morgan Green
Violet Hilton Hannah Williams
Terry Connor Peyton McDermott
Buddy Foster Kyle Peck
Jake Josiah Williams
The Boss Kate Erin Kennedy
Harem Girls Megan Grott, Sarah Heilbronner, Becca Laird
Reptile Man John Carroll
Fakir Justina Risinger
Snake Lady Crystal Pulkowski
Fortune Teller Akilah Brown
Bearded Lady Katey Kraemer
Ensemble Akilah Brown, John Carroll, Megan Grott, Sarah Heilbronner, Cedric Knuth, Katey Kraemer, Becca Laird, Crystal Pulkowski, Justina Risinger