Mr. Burns

16-17_mr.burnsSeptember 22 - October 2, 2016

A Post-Electric Play
By Anne Washburn
Music by Michael Friedman, Lyrics by Anne Washburn

Part thriller, part musical, Mr. Burns asks how the stories we tell make us the people we are. In a near future where a cataclysmic series of nuclear disasters has left America without electricity, infrastructure, or mass communication, a small group of survivors huddles around a fire trying to remember the dialogue from a popular episode of The Simpsons. Seven years later they have become a theatre troupe, traveling the lawless, ravaged country to stage bits of The Simpsons in exchange for food and shelter. 75 years later still, the epic story of the nuclear disaster has become myth, enacting in musical theatre form the creation story of a new society and the dimly recalled saga of a revered hero named Bart.

Trevor Baty Sam/Troy McClure/Ensemble
Derk Baunach Homer Simpson
Cody Cornwell Matt/Ensemble
Amanda Dacks Marge Simpson
Rebekah Farr Bart Simpson
Sophia Fishkin Ensemble
Imani Hayes Nelson/Ensemble
Sarah Heilbronner Jenny/Itchy
Becca Laird Maria/Scratchy
Cassy Lillwitz Quincy/Ensemble
Emma Murphy Edna Krabappel
Zach Olson Gibson/Mr. Burns
Alex Scranton Ensemble
Maggie Sturm Colleen/Ensemble
Samantha Zucker Lisa Simpson
Katy Kraemer Assistant Director
Emily Goldman Stage Manager
Kelly Golbeck Assistant Stage Manager
Lucy Silva Assistant Stage Manager
Kait Koons Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer
Chris Noonan Props Master
Kayla Frad Assistant Props Master
Alex Buchko Choreographer
Kevin Mikolajczak Master Electrician
Ellie Stamper Publicity
Abigail Ticho Assistant Dramaturg
Katie Wilson Charge Artist
Deanna Cantu Light Board Operator
Kenny Case Run Crew
Colton Clark Props Run Crew
C J Feist Sound Board Operator
Africa Hill Prop Run Crew
Codi LaCross Prop Builder
Mackenzie Newman Makeup Run Crew
Alyssa Pietrzyk Wardrobe Head
Beck Potucek Run Crew
Haley Rapisarda Makeup Run Crew
Angela Serrano Prob Builder
Baily Stockhecke Dresser
Alica Vazquez Painter
Cori Wash Dresser