Emergency Prom

November 10 - 13, 2016

By Steve Moulds
A play featuring our fabulous freshman class

It's 1994, a time before texting, Tinder, and Snapchat, and the misfits of Glen Burnie High hated last weekend's prom. What's an unlikely band of outsiders to do? Throw the prom they should have had, a do-over prom, an emergency prom, where Gus and Corey won't break up, where Stephanie and Billy will finally get together, where Patrick might get lucky, Manuel will have the "high school moment" he dreams of, and Melissa will get to dance with the secret love whose silence is breaking her heart. A hilarious, heartfelt look at a group of friends taking destiny into their own hands.

Noelle Mefford Lizbeth
Zach Daly Eric
Tyler Pesko Patrick
Colton Clark Billy
Jake Winkle Gus
Kenny Case Bradley (formerly Miguel)
Mackenzie Newman Gemma
Bailey Stockhecke Stephanie
Alyson McKie Corey
Africa Hill Callie
Alana Copeland Julie
Taylor Hernet Tiffany
Claire Sullivan Brandy
Cori Wash Ms Valenti
Lluvia Lopez Devon
Alex Shuman Melissa
Cody Cornwell Mr Watson
Katy Kraemer Assistant Director
Emma Murphy Stage Manager
Katie Wilson Assistant Stage Manager
Maggie Sturm Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Goldman Props Master
Zavier Simmons Master Electrician
Rebecca Laird Publicity
Alyssa Peirtzk Charge Artist
Claire Sullivan Charge Artist
Kayla Frad Light Board Operator
Trevor Baty Run Crew
Hannah Kfoury Sound Board Operator
Tate Ramsey Prop Builder
Imani Hayes Wardrobe Head
Ellie Stamper Dresser
Scott Kanoff SM Advisor
Chad Lowell Scenic Designer/Scenic & Technical Advisor
Jeff Locke Technical Director
Becki Arnold Costume Designer & Advisor
Sam Zucker Assistant/ Associate Costume Designer
Kevin Mikdailzak Assistant/Associate Lighting Designer
Lighting Advisor Mark Lohman