These Shining Lives

1617theseShiningLivesFebruary 23 – March 5, 2017

by Melanie Marnich

In the 1920s and 30s, hundreds of Depression-era women in Central Illinois enjoyed well-paying jobs for the Radium Dial Company in Ottawa, about 70 miles from Peoria. There they painted faces onto watches and clocks with luminescent paint made from radium—an element whose toxicity was never explained to them—until their hands began to glow in the dark and their health problems grew too serious to ignore. Based on the historical record this haunting, inspirational play celebrates the bonds of friendship and solidarity that unite four young working women; the conflicts they share; and the vindication they seek that may or may not come in time. "Perfect, touching, and wistful..." —Talkin' Broadway


Katey Kraemer Catherine
Amanda Dacks Charlotte
Shophia Fishkin Frances
Samantha Zucker Pearl
Trevor   Baty Tom/Dr. Rowntree/Dr. Dalitsch
Derek Bauach Mr. Reed/Radio Announcer/Company Doctor
Tyler Pesko Grossman/Son
Abibail Ticho Ensemble
Africa Hill Ensemble
Haley Rapisarda Ensemble
Kiana Baylor Ensemble
Mackenzie Newman Ensemble
Stephanie Begalke Ensemble


Katie Wilson Stage Manager
Tate Ramsey Assistant Stage Manager
Chris Noonan Assistant Stage Manager
Alyse Holzkopf Light Board Operator
Alyssa Pietrzyk Make Up Run Crew
Angela Serrano Wig Master/Make Up Run Crew
Bailey Stockhecke Run Crew
Ellie Stamper Wardrobe Head
Kendra Drew Sound Board Operator
Maggie Sturm Dresser
Zach Daly Prop Run Crew