Hartmann Center

The Department of Theatre Arts is exclusively housed in the Hartmann Center.

Design Studio

Hartmann Center

Located off the theatre lobby, the Design Studio is a 230 square foot classroom equipped with drafting tables for hand work in design. A fully mediatized CADD capable computer classrooms with software for CADD (Vectorworks), desktop publishing, photo editing, video editing and illustration are available in the Caterpillar Global Communications Center. Design students have access to a CADD workstation in the Hartmann Center equipped with a 42" wide format color plotter for printing out anything from plans and elevations to production posters.

InterMedia Center

Duryea Parking Deck

Theatre Conference Room

Hartmann Center

Times: Monday-Friday 8am-10pm

A conference room for faculty and student meetings provides a professional setting to discuss important issues and plan future events.

Costume Studio

To support the growing activity of the Department of Theatre Arts, Bradley University has recently allocated space for a new Costume Studio. Located on the Bradley campus near the Hartmann Center, the new Costume Studio will be approximately 1100 square feet of open space fully equipped with:

  • Twelve sewing stations
  • Two sergers
  • A hand sewing station
  • Two cutting tables
  • Two steam irons
  • Deep Sink
  • Dye vat
  • Washer and dryer
  • Fitting room w/ closeable/lockable door
  • Cabinets /Shelves for fabric storage
  • Desk space with Phone, computer, and Internet connection

This new Costume Studio will fully serve the needs of our students, facilitate our academic and artistic mission, and be a wonderful new home for our students interested in the areas of costume design and construction. It is anticipated that the renovation of the space will begin in Spring 2011 with the Theatre Arts Department taking occupancy during the Summer 2011 in time for fall semester classes. For the remainder of the 2010-2011 academic year the department shall continue to utilize the existing costume studio located on the second floor of the Hartmann Center adjacent and connected to the Lab Theatre.

Hartmann Center Gallery

Hartmann Center

Times: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and by appointment

Located directly off the lobby is the Hartmann Center Gallery, presenting exhibitions of artwork by renowned professional artists, emerging artists, Bradley faculty, and Bradley students. All exhibitions and related events are free and open to the public. More information about specific events and exhibitions can be found on the Department of Art's website.

Blythe O'Sullivan Studio Theatre

Hartmann Center

Times: Monday-Friday 8am-10pm

Contains: 75-seats, stage, technical equipment, cameras, computers, projectors, screens

Designed in a three-sided arena configuration with a stage space of 500 square feet and a house that can accommodate up to 100 seats depending on the needs of the production, the Lab Theatre serves as a performance venue for a wide range of exciting student-directed and designed works including new plays, original pieces and class projects as well as a classroom for acting, directing, voice/speech, and movement classes.

In June 2010, the Department of Theatre Arts received a gift from the family of alumna Blythe O’Sullivan (2004) to renovate and rename the Lab Theatre in her honor. Blythe passed away following an accident in 2007 while serving with the Peace Corps. The recent renovation included a flexible-riser seating system, new seating, refinished flooring, a new truss grid system, and an adjustable track system for curtains. The Blythe O’Sullivan Studio Theatre will be a dynamic space for students to explore new ideas, develop dynamic new productions, and expand their study of theatre. 

Scene Studio

Hartmann Center

The scene studio is located at stage level on the first floor of the Hartmann Center and connected to the Meyer Jacobs Theatre. Fully equipped with table saw, radial arm saw, band saw, drill press, welding equipment, and painting equipment, as well as a wide variety of hand tools and special equipment, this 800 square foot facility serves as the backbone to the production program supporting the construction of scenery and props for all Bradley University Theatre and Lab Theatre productions.

Meyer Jacobs Theatre

Hartmann Center

The Meyer Jacobs Theatre, a 300 thrust configuration stage, is the home for most Bradley University Theatre productions. Named for Peoria businessman Meyer J. Jacobs, a 1939 graduate of Bradley University, this is a wonderful performance space with a fully trapped fore-stage, cat-walk access to all lighting and major rigging positions, dimmer-per-circuit lighting, an ECT Expression computerized lighting board, and a SFX digital sound control system with a 16 channel mixer board. The facility also has a direct fiber-optics connection to Internet2 that allows the department to mount truly innovative mediated theatre productions.