Freshman Morgan Green Seizes the Spotlight

October 20, 2010

By: Melissa McGuire

Bradley University offers endless opportunities and leadership experiences for students. Upperclassmen at Bradley aren't the only group that gets these perks. Freshmen have countless chances to excel at the University.

Morgan Green, a freshman theatre art major, is proof that the Bradley spotlight doesn't discriminate.  Green landed the leading role in the fall production of Little Shop of Horrors.

"Incoming freshmen have boundless opportunities to be involved," Green said. "Bradley doesn't look for seniority unlike other universities. If you have talent, then you have the opportunity to be involved. If you are a little rusty or feel like you're not a great actor or actress, then you have the opportunity to sharpen your skills. Regardless of the situation, coming to Bradley prepares you for the stage."

Bradley wasn't the only school Green applied to, but when she realized how involved she could become from the get-go, the Hilltop was the prefect choice for her. Green was recruited after Doug Rosson, assistant professor of theater performance, saw her in a mass audition at the Illinois High School Theater Festival last January. She was given a scholarship on the spot, and a month later Green was getting e-mails about the theatre program.

Despite her quick rise to the spotlight, Green can empathize with theater arts students still looking for their niche on campus.

"You just have to work hard, find monologues, songs, and just make the effort to be on top of your game," Green said. "Never let being a freshmen, sophomore, etcetera, hold you back. Go for the gold make a name for yourself. Bradley has great professors and students that want to see you succeed."