Race for the Cure Cabaret

May 3, 2011

What do you get when you combine show tunes with 18 students passionate about a cause?

The Race for the Cure Cabaret, or "Why We Tell the Story."

Morgan Green, a freshman theater major from Decatur, produced a cabaret to showcase the talents of her fellow musical theater enthusiasts while championing support for breast cancer research.

The April 23 event was a benefit for the Race for the Cure, an organization that promotes breast cancer research and awareness.

The ensemble, made up of 18 students from a variety of disciplines on campus, put on an extensive production featuring meaningful songs. Some were funny, others were poignant, but each told a story unique to the performer.

"We had a wide range of students involved. Some are members of sororities and fraternities. Others are business majors, music majors, some are on the speech team and others who just love to sing for fun," said Green.

In attendance was Bradley President Joanne K. Glasser, a breast cancer survivor and strong supporter of Race for the Cure.

Glasser was invited to speak near the end of the concert. In addition to sharing her personal story with the audience, she commended the students on their efforts.

"Breast cancer is a club I never chose to join, but when you're drafted you become a lifelong member," Glasser said. "I'm able to count myself among the many proud survivors thanks to the passion and dedication of organizations that support breast cancer research and events like this one that raise awareness."

Green and Tyni Simpson, a sophomore theater major from Flossmoor, Ill, planned the entire event, which sprung from a project in a basic speech course.

Green hopes the event will continue to grow and become an annual fundraiser.

"What better way to raise money than to do what I love?" she said.