Theatre Grad Goes "Gaga" for Contest

September 2, 2010

Platinum blonde hair?   Check.

Flashy accessories and over-the-top costume?   Check.

Bradley Theatre Arts degree?   Check.

The World's largest Lady Gaga Look-A-Like contest, as it is called, was held in Chicago on August 5. Contestants went the extra mile by dressing like Lady Gaga and imitating her gestures, style, and personality - all for a chance to win Gaga tickets at Lollapalooza the following night.

Anna Marie Boyer, a 2010 Bradley graduate, was awarded first place. Boyer credits the win to her wildly creative costume. Lookingglass Theatre, where Boyer interns, picked out her winning Gaga costume.   Dressed in a space helmet, blonde wig, and a Gaga-esque mini skirt, Boyer thanked Bradley for providing her with numerous opportunities.

"Had I not worked in Bradley's costume shop and on numerous shows as a wardrobe supervisor, I would have never gotten my internship, and, in turn, would have never won the Gaga contest," said Boyer.

Boyer can also attribute capturing Lady Gaga to the Rock Star program in one of her Bradley acting classes.  During the Rock Star project, students embody an iconic music star and perform one of his/her songs in full costume, mimicking the musician's unique energy.  Boyer chose David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Ironically, the real life Lady Gaga has listed Bowie among her major musical influences.

Bradley Theater Arts Assistant Professor Steven Synder, who taught Boyer, said she "dominated" the Ziggy Stardust character - all the way from her costume, hair and makeup, to her point of view and movement.  Synder said the Bradley Rock Star program helps theater students commit to the actions of famous rock stars, which is exactly what Boyer captured during the Gaga Look-A-Like contest.  Boyer's victory in such a prestigious and creative contest speaks volumes about the Bradley Theater Department.

"Students [in the Theater Department] know what it means to 'go big or go home'," said Snyder. 'They use their imaginations and commit to wild choices." Now that the Gaga contest is over, Boyer will continue to pursue what she loves: theater.

As for the Lady Gaga concert, Boyer was ecstatic about it.

"It was a pretty awesome experience," said Boyer. "She is a nut. She is also wildly talented and puts on a fantastic show."

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