House Theatre

The House was founded in 2001 by a group of friends with the mission of exploring the ideas of Community and Storytelling in order to create a unique theatrical experience. Following more than a dozen world premiere productions, The House experienced breakout success in early 2007 with The Sparrow, which theater critic Chris Jones called, “Among the very best original theater pieces I’ve ever seen.”

Since becoming eligible in 2004, The House has been nominated for 45 Joseph Jefferson Awards (17 wins) and became the first recipient of Broadway in Chicago’s Emerging Theater Award in 2007. Now in its 9th year of producing original works, House performances can be seen at the Chopin Theatre in Wicker Park.

It is the mission of The House to unite Chicago in the spirit of Community through amazing feats of Storytelling.


In recent years The House has worked with local universities and colleges to develop and produce new work.

Fall 2009, Bradley University: Pinocchio
Summer 2009, Northwestern University: Girls vs. Boys
Spring 2007, Hope College: Rose and The Rime

This student incubation and development process has been an invaluable resource both for The House and for students involved in learning about our unique devising process.

If you are interested in bringing House artists to your college or university theater program, contact Carolyn Defrin.



The Live Theatre League of the Greater Peoria Area

Bradley University Theatre is a founding member of the Live Theatre League of the Greater Peoria Area 

The Live Theatre League of the Greater Peoria Area 

Affirming the significance of live theatre as a cultural, educational, and economic catalyst for the central Illinois region, the Live Theatre League of the Greater Peoria Area serves to insure the future of live theatre as a multifaceted asset to our community through promotional, collaborative and educational endeavors.

The Goals of the Live Theatre League of the Greater Peoria Area are:

  • To develop new and diverse audiences through joint marketing projects and collaborative research.
  • To provide a supportive network for the theatrical community by sharing information and services, developing workshops, exchanging resources (sets, costumes, props, etc...) and offering opportunities through membership.
  • To expand appreciation of live theatre through educational means by increasing public awareness, promoting the accessibility of live theatre and creating an awareness of the social and economic impact of live theatre.
  • To create a climate for support of live theatre by using a collaborative and collective voice to advocate on a local, state and national level.

Member Organizations: Arc Light Productions, ArtsPartners, Bradley University Theatre, Corn Stock Theatre, Eastlight Theatre,, Illinois Central College Theatre Program, Peoria Cabaret Theatre, and Peoria Players Theatre.