Theatre Arts Major

The Department of Theatre Arts is committed to being a prominent educational theatre program nationally recognized for our global perspective, our commitment to excellence in creative expression and scholarship, and for providing a multifaceted educational experience within a nurturing, student-focused environment.

Founded on the best traditions of a comprehensive education, we offer our students exceptional opportunities to interact with leading theatre professionals through the Iben Lectureship and internships, the challenge of taking a leadership role in the collaborative process, and an open invitation to be a part of an artistic home that unites faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

The Department of Theatre Arts fosters academic achievement, artistic and educational collaboration, freedom of expression, and personal integrity. We stress dignity and respect of the individual and the practice of inclusiveness.

All students desiring to pursue a BA or BS degree with a concentration in Performance or Production are required to audition or present their design/theatre technology portfolio prior to admission in the concentration. Students will be required to demonstrate basic talents and show they have the potential to grow as a theatre artist as well as possess the commitment and discipline essential for successful completion of their studies.

The Performance Concentration Audition shall consist of two contrasting monologues, one serious and one comic, plus an optional 16 bars of music. The entire audition should not exceed 3 minutes.

The Production Concentration Portfolio presentation shall consist of the presentation of production photographs; drafting, drawings, and sketches of scenery, props, costumes, art, and/or makeup projects; light plots; CAD projects; sound recording; or a stage manager’s prompt-book. The entire portfolio review should not exceed 10 minutes. 

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree

All majors must complete the following requirements. Completion of a concentration in performance of production is optional.

  • THE 115 - Fundamentals of Acting
  • THE 121 - The Creative Process of Theatre
  • THE 125 - Stagecraft
  • THE 131 - Introduction to Theatre
  • THE 223 - Theatrical Producing
  • THE 226 - Fundamentals of Design
  • THE 230 - Costume Construction
  • THE 316 - Fundamentals of Directing
  • THE 336 - History of Theatre & Drama I
  • THE 337 - History of Theatre and Drama II
  • THE 338 - History of Theatre & Drama III
  • THE 439 - Global Encounters in Theatre


Course Sequence

Theatre Core

  • THE 115 Fundamentals of Acting — 3
  • THE 121 Contemporary Theatre Practice — 3
  • THE 123 Script Analysis for the Theatre — 3
  • THE 125 Stagecraft — 3
  • THE 223 Producing for the Arts — 3
  • THE 226 Fundamentals of Design — 3
  • THE 230 Costume Construction — 3
  • THE 316 Fundamentals of Directing — 3
  • THE 336 History of Theatre and Drama I — 3
  • THE 337 History of Theatre and Drama II — 3
  • THE 338 History of Theatre and Drama III — 3
  • THE 439 Global Encounters — 3
  • Practicum — 3

Course sequence information is provided for sample purposes only. Students should consult with their academic advisor about their individual plan for course registration and completion of program requirements.