Theatre Arts Performance Major

The Performance Concentration offers students who desire a more intensive educational experience in Acting and Directing the opportunity for focused study. Working closely with faculty, student artists are challenged through a dynamic course of study in acting, voice, movement, scene study, and auditioning techniques to develop a personal creative process that will serve them well as a young artist. With the application of performance skills in both studio and main stage productions, as well as a comprehensive exploration of theatre traditions and styles, Bradley students graduate with experience under their belt, confidence in their training, and a belief in the power of the theatre to influence our changing world.

Concentrations build on the experiences and training offered through the BA/BS Theatre Arts major. Students pursuing the Performance Concentration must complete all of the major requirements plus 19 semester hours of specific performance based classes.

Performance Concentration - 19 hours

All students desiring to pursue a BA or BS degree with a concentration in Performance are required to audition prior to admission in the concentration. Students will be required to demonstrate basic talents and show they have the potential to grow as a theatre artist as well as possess the commitment and discipline essential for successful completion of their studies.

The Performance Concentration Audition shall consist of two contrasting monologues, one serious and one comic, plus an optional 16 bars of music. The entire audition should not exceed 3 minutes.

Concentration auditions are open to all students and are scheduled annually. Please review the department calendar for dates and times.

Concentrations are not required for graduation and may be dropped at any time.

Students interested in directing may substitute THE 201 or THE 203 with one of the following courses: THE 326, THE 329, or THE 330.

Students interested in directing must substitute THE 315 for three credit hours of THE 317.

  • THE 201 - Voice for the Actor
  • THE 203 - Movement for the Actor
  • THE 215 - Intermediate Acting
  • THE 310 - Junior Seminar
  • THE 315 - Advanced Acting
  • THE 410 - Senior Seminar
  • THE 415 - Acting: Period Styles