Theatre Arts Production Major

The Production Concentration fills a specific niche at Bradley University attracting students that are seeking an opportunity for additional study and practice in production and design within the scope of a comprehensive Theatre Arts major. 

Students pursuing the Production Concentration must complete all of the major requirements plus 19 semester hours of specific production and design-based classes. 13 semester hours of these classes are listed as upper division credit. The Production Concentration course requirements are detailed below.

Production Concentration - 19 hours

All students desiring to pursue a BA or BS degree with a concentration in Production are required to present their design/theatre technology portfolio prior to admission in the concentration. Students will be required to demonstrate basic talents and show they have the potential to grow as a theatre artist as well as possess the commitment and discipline essential for successful completion of their studies.

The Production Concentration Portfolio presentation shall consist of the presentation of production photographs; drafting, drawings, and sketches of scenery, props, costumes, art, and/or makeup projects; light plots; CAD projects; sound recording; or a stage manager’s prompt-book. The entire portfolio review should not exceed 10 minutes.

Concentrations are not required for graduation and may be dropped at any time.

  • THE 225 - Advanced Stagecraft
  • THE 229 - Cadd for Theatre
  • THE 310 - Junior Seminar
  • THE 326 - Stage Lighting
  • THE 329 - Scenic Design
  • THE 330 - Costume Design
  • THE 410 - Senior Seminar