Dr. Bernice Sandler "Godmother of Title IX"

Dr. Sandler during her lecture

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October 25, 2013

Women's Studies proudly welcomed Dr. Bernice Sandler, nicknamed the “Godmother of Title IX,” to campus Wednesday to speak about the ways women and other outsiders are often treated with less respect than men. Dr. Sandler, a well-known advocate for gender equality, played a major role in the development and passage of Title IX and other laws prohibiting sex discrimination in education.

She spoke to three different groups on campus during the day. She discussed mentoring and Title IX with Athletics, shared the process of passing Title IX through Congress with the Leadership and Advocacy Class, and talked about sexual harassment issues with residential advisors. During an evening program attended by about 125 people, she shared her insights into how women are often treated differently in subtle ways, and strategies for dealing with these situations. Her visit was sponsored by Women's Studies and the Intellectual and Cultural Activities Committee. (article submitted from campus update)

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