Women's Studies Welcomes Dr. Bernice Sandler

October 17, 2013

Women's Studies continues it's "Women, Gender and the Law" series with a lecture by Dr. Bernice Sandler.  October 23, 7:00 pm Peplow Pavilion, Hayden-Clark Alumni Center.  Free and open to the public. 

Dr. Bernice R. Sandler is a Senior Scholar at the Women’s Research and Education Institute in Washington, DC, where she consults with institutions and others about achieving equity for women and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine. She formerly wrote a quarterly newsletter, About Women on Campus. She has given over 2500 presentations, has written more than 100 articles and is well-known for her expertise in women’s educational equity in general as well as in sexual harassment, the chilly classroom climate, and her knowledge of policies, programs and strategies concerning women on campus. She also serves as an expert witness in discrimination and sexual harassment cases.

She played a major role in the development and passage of Title IX and other laws prohibiting sex discrimination in education, and has been associated with Title IX longer than any other person. The New York Times has referred to her as the “godmother of Title IX.”

Dr. Sandler was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in October 2013.