Endres-Pacey Endowed Student Research Fund

This Fund is named to honor two Bradley University Chemistry alumni who had distinguished teaching and research careers at state universities in Ohio.  Dr. Paul Endres (pictured left above) graduated from Bradley in 1962 and taught at Bowling Green State University until his retirement in 2010.  Dr. Gil Pacey (pictured right above) graduated from Bradley in 1974 and taught at Miami University; he also retired in 2010.  The monies used to create the Fund came from the estate of Dr. Endres and from Dr. Pacey; upon his passing, friends and colleagues of Dr. Pacey also contributed to the Fund. 

The earnings from the Endowment are to be used to provide stipends to students engaged in chemical or biochemical research at Bradley.  Recipients of the endowment must have a minimum GPA (4.00 base) of 2.75 in courses within the major and the required cognate courses for the major.  Additional monies available after stipend award(s) are bestowed may be used to purchase supplies for the recipient(s) research.  Earnings from the Endowment are not to be used to provide stipends for the faculty.

Paul F. Endres was born on February 10, 1942 in Peoria, Illinois and graduated from Peoria High School. He received the B.S. degree in chemistry from Bradley in 1962 and the Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from the University of Rochester in 1967. Paul’s thesis was entitled: Quantum Dynamics in Anharmonic Systems (Morse Oscillator). For two additional years, Paul continued his studies at Rochester as a Postdoctoral Fellow conducting experimental molecular beam kinetics studies. He married the former Maureen Doyle in 1966; sadly she died in 2013. In 1969, he and Maureen moved to Bowling Green, OH where Paul was appointed an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He retired from the University in 2010, holding the rank of Professor of Chemistry. During his career at BGSU, Paul mentored numerous undergraduate research students and seven students who received M.S. degrees. He also taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, including: General Chemistry (honors, majors, and non-majors courses), Physical Chemistry, Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis, Integrated Physical/Analytical Laboratory (Junior Year Laboratory), Computational Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry (Graduate), Reaction Kinetics (Graduate), and numerous Summer Workshops for High School Teachers.

In addition to classroom teaching and mentoring students in the research laboratory, Paul was keenly interested in integrating chemical instrumentation into the teaching laboratories. Four of seven funded National Science Foundation grants, authored by Paul, were awarded to help therein; the grants were entitled: 1) Pulsed Lasers Spectroscopy and Kinetics in Physical Chemistry, 2) High Throughput Instrumentation in Introductory Analytical Laboratories, 3) Computers in Introductory Chemistry Laboratories, and 4) An Undergraduate Program in Chemical Instrumentation. Because of his genuine interest in laboratory instruction, the BGSU chemistry faculty designated Paul to oversee four building design and construction projects: 1) Chemical Storage Building (1972, $250,000); 2) Physical Sciences Laboratory Building (1984, $8,000,000); 3) Laser Laboratory Modifications (1987, $500,000); and 4) Overman Hall Building Renovations (1993, $4,000,000).

During his retirement Paul enjoyed gardening, growing a plethora of flowers and herbs. Paul passed away June 27, 2014; a portion of his estate has been used to fund this Endowment.

Gil Pacey was a native Peorian and graduated from Bradley with a degree in chemistry.  At Bradley, Gil was a three-year member of the men’s basketball team.  Rather than play basketball his senior year, he chose to do research with Ken Kolb; he also did research with Max Taylor and Tom Cummings.  Gil and Ken published two papers based upon their collaborative studies.  While at Bradley, he was instrumental in forming the Department’s first gift fund, the Shroyer Fund. 

After earning his Ph.D. in chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago in 1979, Gil had a distinguished 31-year career at Miami University (Ohio).  He published an additional 114 papers and was awarded four patents as an analytical chemist at Miami.  Gil was recognized as one of the pioneers in Flow Injection Analysis and he published a book and several book chapters on this topic. Upon retirement, he joined the University of Dayton’s Research Institute as a Group Leader of the Institute for the Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology. 

In the fall of 2012, Gil was named the Bradley University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Alumnus.  Dr. Pacey passed away in January of 2014.  Because of Gil’s career defining experience as an undergraduate researcher at Bradley and his career-long mentorship of numerous undergraduates at Miami, he truly believed that a mentored undergraduate research experience was very beneficial to the all-inclusive education of chemistry majors. The Endowed Research Fund was established to support such an experience for current and future undergraduates at Bradley University.