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Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Olin Hall 201
(309) 677-3030

Hasbrouck Chemistry Endowment Fund

Richard B. Hasbrouck studied in the Department during the 1930s.  He earned the Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1942 and was employed as a research chemist at DuPont Co. and Abbott Labs.  In December of 1993, he gave 700 shares of Abbott Laboratories stock to the Department and Abbott labs matched a portion of the gift.  Dr. Hasbrouck wish was for the gift, approximately $25,000, to be used “for laboratories or other facilities for the Chemistry Department.”  The faculty decided to convert an underused laboratory, OH 204, into the Richard B. Hasbrouck Student Resource Center.  The monies were used to remove the laboratory benches, purchase study tables and shelving for the Chemical Abstracts, carpet the floor, and install a small kitchenette.  In 1998 the remainder of the gift ($6,000) was used to purchase four Gateway 2000 computers (with 4GB hard drives) and two copies of PC Spartan Plus for the Center.

In April of 1994 Dr. Hasbrouck established a sizeable Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust with Bradley, funded with additional Abbott stock.  Richard Hasbrouck died in April of 2003 and his wife Gertrude passed away in November of 2011.  The remaining monies in the Annuity Trust were placed in the Hasbrouck Chemistry Endowment Fund.  In the Memorandum of Agreement for the Fund, Dr. Hasbrouck specified that the earnings “shall be used by the Chemistry Department for equipment/facilities expenditures including the Richard B. Hasbrouck Student Resource Center or a chemical or scientific library.”