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Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Olin Hall 201
(309) 677-3030

Department Policies


One of the highest priorities of the Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Bradley University is for students, faculty, and staff to practice science safely. During the first laboratory period, students must familiarize themselves with the location and operation of the safety features of the laboratory, including the safety showers, eye wash fountains, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, spill cleanup kits and emergency exits. It is imperative that all students comply with the departmental safety regulations. These regulations are intended as the starting point for more detailed instructions associated with specific experiments and laboratory facilities.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Generally, Advanced Placement courses taken in high school are designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually offered during the first college year. The student’s score on the AP test is a good predictor of the level of proficiency in general chemistry. For a number of students, AP credit enables them to enroll, as freshmen, in general chemistry II or to register for courses in other fields where general chemistry I is a prerequisite. For other students, AP credit in chemistry fulfills the laboratory science requirement and frees time for other course work.

CLEP Credit

The most common way for students to earn college credit for existing knowledge is to participate in the College-Level Examination Program, CLEP. By earning CLEP credit, students may be able to enroll in more advanced courses, earn exemptions from introductory courses, or meet institutional graduation requirements.

Introductory Course Grade Prerequisites

The cumulative nature of education in chemistry and biochemistry necessitates a solid background in the fundamentals of general chemistry and organic chemistry. The discipline progresses from the simple to the complex as learning spirals through these introductory courses. In order to optimize student success and to provide a good educational environment for course enrollees, course prerequisites are strictly enforced. If you do not appear to have the appropriate prerequisite, you will be notified by the course instructor and asked to meet the prerequisite.

Internal Transfer Prerequisites

If you would like to transfer into a program offered by the Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry from another program offered by the University and you meet the transfer prerequisites, contact the department chair.


Students who engage in plagiarism at the college level may find that this practice has significant professional repercussions. In science education, term papers, take-home assignments and laboratory reports are sometimes submitted with plagiarized material. Our faculty work closely with students to ensure that they understand what constitutes plagiarism and are aware of methods to ensure that their submissions do not contain plagiarized material.