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Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Olin Hall 201
(309) 677-3030

Chemistry-Preprofessional Major

The Chemistry-Preprofessional major combines the study of chemistry with the study of human and microbial biology to provide the student a foundation for continuing his or her education in an allied health field. This major is designed to provide curricular flexibility to students who are interested in studying chemistry while preparing to attend pharmacy, optometry, or dental school. Students enrolled in this degree program will work closely with their CHMP advisor to select elective courses that best meet their career objectives. 

Four Year Plan

A chemistry-preprofessional major might complete the required science courses according to the following schedule. Students need not exceed a full load (16 credits/semester) to graduate in four years. Note: Required General Education/Bradley Core Curriculum courses would be distributed among the eight semesters.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Freshman General Chemistry I with lab
Calculus I
General Chemistry II with lab
From Molecules to Cells with lab
Calculus II
Sophomore Organic Chemistry I with lab
Human A&P with lab
Physics I with lab
Organic Chemistry II with lab
Chemical Informatics
Physics II with lab
Junior Biochemistry with lab
Junior Seminar
Analytical Chemistry with lab
Biology and Chemistry Electives
Junior Seminar
Senior Physical Chemistry I
Biology or Chemistry Electives
Biology and Chemistry Electives
Senior Seminar

To see a more detailed list of the requirements, please see the listing in the
Undergraduate Catalog.