Dr. Doris Kasey Kolb Women in Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was donated by Dr. Kenneth E. Kolb in memory of his late wife, Dr. Doris Kasey Kolb, to financially assist undergraduate majors in the Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.  Doris Kasey graduated from Shawnee High School (for girls) in 1945 and earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Louisville in 1948.  Later that year she married Kenneth E. Kolb, also a Louisville Chemistry graduate, whereupon the couple enrolled in the Organic Chemistry Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University.  In 1953, with degrees in hand, Ken and Doris joined Standard Oil of Indiana (Whiting, IN) as research scientists.  In 1958 the couple moved to Corning New York where Ken was appointed a Research Associate at Corning Glass.  The couple began their teaching careers in Corning as Adjunct Professors at the newly chartered Corning Community College.  In 1965 the couple moved to Peoria, IL where Ken was appointed an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Bradley.  Two years later Doris was appointed Professor of Chemistry at the newly established Illinois Central College, a position that she held until her retirement in 1986.  That year she was named an Adjunct Professor at Bradley, a position that she
held until her passing in 2005. 

Doris became a nationally recognized authority in chemical education, serving as Chair of the Board of Publications of the Journal of Chemical Education (1985-1990) and Chair of the Division of Chemical Education (1990).  During her career, she received the Excellence in Teaching Award from Illinois Central College (1968), the Catalyst Award from the Chemical Manufacturers Association (1981), and the Visiting Lecture Award from the
Western Connecticut Section of the American Chemical Society (1985).  In 2005, Doris and Ken received the Division of Chemical Education’s Outstanding Service Award.  Doris organized numerous symposia for the ACS, co-authored three books (Chemistry for Changing Times, Glass: Its Many Facets, and Associate Editor of the Macmillan Encyclopedia, Chemistry Foundations and Applications.  She also authored or co-authored more than 60 scientific papers and presented more than 50 talks at local, regional, and national ACS meetings. 

Doris was a proactive community service volunteer, serving on the boards of the Peoria Symphony Guild, the Planned Parenthood Federation, the Central Illinois Council on Smoking and Disease, the League of Women Voters, and the American Association of University Women.  She also enjoyed painting in oils, playing the violin, and writing poetry.  

Excerpt from Doris’ acceptance speech to the American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Education for its 2005 Outstanding Service Award: 

I’ve heard- “with age comes wisdom”
Now, as far as that’s concerned,
Perhaps you’d like to know the precious things that I have learned.  
The list is very long, of course, as you’d hope it might be,
But I would like to single out a very special 3: 

1. When you love what you are doing, life can be sublime.

2. There are so many great ideas.

3. We have so little time!