Why Choose Chemistry & Biochemistry?

If you are considering the study of chemistry or biochemistry and would be excited by the opportunity to participate in programs that are up-to-date, vibrant, and intellectually stimulating then you should definitely consider further exploration of our departmental and University websites. A popular slogan, “What in the World Isn’t Chemistry,” affirms the over-arching nature of the chemical sciences. The study of this Central Science provides a portal into the understanding of our physical universe, revealing the brilliance of the interactions of matter at the atomic and molecular levels. Careers in the chemical, health, environmental, geological, and atmospheric sciences, among others, are all based upon the fundamentals of chemistry. As a major in our department, you will be taught and mentored by faculty who know your name and who are truly interested in helping you utilize your academic potential to discover a career that is both personally gratifying and rewarding.

As a member of our department, you will be taught by high quality faculty in an exciting environment of mutual respect that engenders a sense of community. Our 2:1 ratio of incoming majors to faculty ensures that you will receive much personal contact in the classroom, laboratory, and during advising sessions and informal gatherings. This atmosphere will help make your studies in the discipline enjoyable and academically sound. Contributing to the first-rate learning environment is newly renovated and expanded Olin Hall of Science. With its state-of-the-art communications and instructional technology, the classrooms, laboratories, conference and student resource rooms all serve to enhance the academic experience.

The American Chemical Society has validated the quality of our programs; our degrees and curriculum have been continuously certified since 1949. All of our programs begin with the study of Chemical Principles, followed by introductory and advanced classes in specialized areas, including organic, inorganic, biochemical, analytical, physical, environmental, and materials chemistry. The classroom activities are complemented by laboratory experiences that provide hands-on training in chemical laboratory practices and in the use of modern scientific instrumentation. The classroom/laboratory offerings are designed to develop both independent and collaborative critical thinkers and problem solvers. By the end of the second year of study, our students have learned to operate and interpret the output of scientific instrumentation, including infrared, ultraviolet-visible, nuclear magnetic resonance, and mass spectrometers, and high performance liquid and gas chromatographs. Operational knowledge of these instruments serves to enhance the pedagogical and scientific outcomes of the cutting-edge research conducted by all faculty in conjunction with their student collaborators. These one-on-one collaborations can begin in the first year of study and are undertaken by approximately 80 percent of our majors. Not only does a research experience build the participant’s self-confidence, it also benefits the faculty, University, and humanity!  The final year of study serves as a programmatic capstone, often involving both advanced course work – selected on the bases of interest – and research. Finally, our weekly Departmental Seminar Program, featuring scientists from other universities, industry, government agencies and our senior research students, serves not only to broaden the academic experience but also provides networking opportunities for employment or post-graduate study.

If you desire a program that will provide an exceptional learning experience, then you should continue to peruse our website or plan to visit with us in person. Enrolling inquisitive students who have a genuine love for learning drives our reputation as a purveyor of first-class programs. Our extraordinary faculty, great facilities, research opportunities, modern instrumentation, small classes, great library, free tutoring, intern opportunities, endowed scholarships, and fantastic placement rates into professional employment, graduate schools, medical schools, and other professional opportunities will heighten your success and provide you with a lifelong set of skills and values that will enhance your personal and professional endeavors.

Should you want additional information about us don’t hesitate to email or phone the department chair, Dr. Kurt Field, at (kwf@bumail.bradley.edu or 309-677-3030).