Why Choose English Secondary Education (ENG-T)

Perhaps the best reason to become a high school English teacher is that you once had an incredible teacher who made the world of literature, composition, and creative writing exciting and rewarding for you, that one teacher who basically changed your life by introducing you to the world of ideas. We want all of our ENG-T graduates to be that person for others.

For such students, Bradley offers a progressive new curriculum in English Secondary Education that has received “National Recognition” from the NCTE/NCATE accreditation organizations. What makes our program especially distinctive is a series of three upper-level methods courses in the English department taught by specialists in the teaching of high school English, professors who themselves were high school teachers before they went on to earn their Ph.D.s in English Secondary Education. They will share with you the most current thought on successful teaching in English language arts, and they will also share with you their own real-world knowledge of the challenges and rewards you will encounter as you begin your own career as a teacher.

The Peoria area is especially rich in the diversity of the public and private school settings in which our Bradley students are placed for novice and student teaching. For their clinical work, English Secondary Education majors are placed in rural, urban, and suburban schools and work with students from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds. This diversity prepares our students to teach at a broad range of middle and secondary schools. You will be prepared with clinical experience from your freshman year on, continuing with tutorial experience at the 100-level, followed by novice and student teaching in your senior year.

Finally, we make sure that all of our English Secondary Education majors teach because they have a passion for teaching, as well as excellent professional training, not because they have no other options. The English Secondary Education major prepares students to excel in the classroom. If they choose not to pursue a career in teaching, they will find that, like the English major, the English Secondary Education major also prepares them for careers in business, government, law, social services, and other professions.