About the Department

The programs and courses in the Department of Physics are designed with two principal objectives in mind.

  1. The technological society in which we live needs teachers, scientists and engineers who have a broad, deep understanding of the basic physical laws. The department has programs and courses designed for students majoring in scientific and technical areas that will prepare them for professional careers or advanced study in these areas.
  2. For citizens to lead productive lives they need to be scientifically and technologically literate. Therefore, the department offers courses that are accessible to all of the university’s students.

Most of the courses offered by the department require some prior exposure to science and mathematics. Some introductory courses require little or no science or mathematics preparation. A few courses are available only to persons holding a bachelor’s degree in physical science or engineering. Therefore, students who wish to study physics will find entry-level courses appropriate for their abilities and preparation.

Faculty and Staff

Our department consists of four full-time faculty members as well as one full-time instructor and two part-time instructors who teach every semester. Our staff includes an electronics technician, a machinist who supervises our machine shop, and the department secretary.


Our classes are taught by faculty members holding the Ph.D. Classes are small; introductory class enrollment is 36 students per section, and upper-level classes are 10 or less. We are a student-friendly department. Our students receive individual attention from both faculty and staff.