Most students majoring in the programs offered by the Physics Department receive financial aid administered by Bradley University's Financial Assistance Office. This assistance includes grants, loans and scholarships. There are two scholarships designed specifically for our majors, the Ising Scholarship and the Stutz Family Scholarship.

Each academic year the Physics Department selects students who will receive grants under these two scholarship programs. To be eligible for either of these scholarships, a student must be majoring in physics or engineering physics and must maintain a grade point average of 2.9 or higher. Selection is based on scholarship and need. The amount of money available for these scholarships depends on the proceeds from the endowment funds supporting them.

Ising Scholarship

Recipients of the Ising Scholarship must be junior or senior physics majors who meet the above qualifications. Students who qualify may receive from $500 to $3000, depending on the money available from the endowment funding the program.

The Stutz Family Scholarship

The Stutz Family Scholarship is awarded to qualified sophomore physics and engineering physics majors who meet the above qualifications. These scholarships are awarded only for the sophomore year, but it is expected that most students who receive this award will also qualify for the Ising Scholarship during their junior and senior years.