Political Science Major

Political science majors master the fundamentals of each of the disciplines’ subfields, then select advanced courses from at least two fields: American politics, comparative politics, international politics, and political theory. In addition, unlike at most other colleges and universities, the political science major at Bradley University has the option of fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree.

Political Science Minor

The minor is to provide students with a flexible, coherent and guided study of political science as it relates to their special academic major or personal interests.


Political science is the most popular major of students who attend law school. Indeed, over half of the political science majors at Bradley University enter law school. Interested students can maximize their preparation for law school by working with both their political science academic advisor and the Pre-Law Center.

Other Majors & Minors

One strategy for the political science major is not to declare any additional majors or minors. Instead, simply select courses from a variety of different departments on the basis of personal interest, educational goals, and career preparation. Increasingly, however, political science majors are formally declaring complementary majors and minors.