Other Majors & Minors

Double Majors

Many political science majors choose a second major. Popular majors include economics, English, history, philosophy, Spanish, and many from the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts (e.g., communication majors with concentrations in journalism, radio/TV, or public relations).

Double majors across colleges require careful planning of your academic schedule. Since you must meet the requirements of two different colleges, it is best to start early in your Bradley career. See your academic advisor for planning assistance. In general, remember that the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requires 90 “LAS Hours” for graduation. If your major in another college requires 30 hours, this leaves very few hours you can take in yet a third college.

Suggested Minors

After fulfilling both the general education requirements and the political science major requirements, you need numerous additional credit hours to reach the 124 credit hours required for graduation. What additional courses should you take? 

First, many students take more than the required number of political science courses. The only formal limitation on the number of political science courses is that you can take only two of the 490 seminar series. The department does not encourage you to take only political science courses. Your education and career will be better served by taking most of these additional hours outside of political science.

Second, some students decide to use these additional hours to formally declare one or more minors. Again, the choice of minors is guided by personal interests, educational goals, and career preparation. Your academic advisor can make recommendations about the latter if you have identified your career goals.

To give you a starting point as you contemplate which additional courses or minors to take, here are some minors that the department has found to be useful to and/or popular with our majors.

  • African-American Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • Latin American Studies
  • Leadership Minor
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Russian and East European Studies
  • Sociology
  • Western European Studies
  • Women's Studies

Third, one strategy is not to declare any minors, or second majors, but simply select courses from a variety of different departments (e.g., a logic course from philosophy, a statistics course from math, a writing course from English, etc.)  Which courses you select will be guided by personal interest, educational goals, and career preparation. See your academic advisor for suggestions about the latter. All majors, especially those with interests in international relations and comparative politics, are encouraged to take at lease one course in economics.

Social Studies – Secondary Education

Political Science is part of the program that allows graduates to teach high school economics, United States history, world history, civics or political science, and sociology.  In addition to University requirements, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements, College of Education and Health Sciences requirements, and State of Illinois teacher certification requirements, students must complete 45 semester hours of social studies courses of which 9 hours will be in political science.

General Social Studies – Elementary Education

Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education majors at Bradley are no longer required to complete a LAS major such as political science. Responding to a change in state requirements, the Department of Teacher Education revised its program to include a series of concentrations, one of which is social studies. Students take lower-level courses from four disciplines and then select one discipline, (e.g., political science) for advanced work.