Dr. Emily R. Gill

Political Science

Dr. Emily R. GillDr. Emily R. Gill has published widely and to general acclaim, working in the charged field where individual rights intersect with community needs. According to one colleague, “She is able to apply some of the more abstract philosophical arguments to very concrete issues, including current debates over family values, curricular reform in public schools and immigration policy … and she writes about them frequently and significantly.”

Her numerous articles and essays have regularly and steadily appeared in major journals in her field, including the Journal of Politics, Polity and Perspectives on Politics.  They have also appeared in important edited volumes and collections.

Her first book, Becoming Free: Autonomy and Diversity in the Liberal Polity, was published in 2001 by the University Press of Kansas––one of the leading presses for American political thought. Her second book, Moral Argument, Religion, and Same-Sex Marriage: Advancing the Public Good was published in 2009 and co-edited with Gordon A. Babst and Jason Pierceson.  Her third book, An Argument for Same-Sex Marriage: Religious Freedom Sexual Freedom, and Public Expressions of Civic Equality, was published by Georgetown University Press in 2012.

For her contributions to the field of political science, Dr. Gill was awarded the Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award in 1995 and was named the Caterpillar Professor of Political Science in 2004.

Dr. Gill received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Scripps College and her master’s and Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University. Prior to coming to Bradley in 1972, she was an assistant professor at California State University in Long Beach and at Los Angeles.