Dr. Paul Mehta

Ameren-CILCO Endowed Energy-Related Professor

Dr. Paul MehtaSince joining the Bradley faculty in 1978, Dr. D. Paul Mehta has continued to work to reduce energy waste and improve energy efficiency by becoming actively involved with the national agenda on energy-related research and education.  In 1993, Mehta was named the director of one of the U.S. Department of Energy's Industrial Assessment Centers––the only one in Illinois at that time.

Dr. Mehta is a nationally recognized scholar and authority in the areas of energy efficiency in building systems and manufacturing processes with more than 70 published articles in leading engineering journals. He is the primary author of the Handbook of Energy Engineering, a Prentice Hall text in its sixth edition that is widely used by professionals throughout the United States.

Dr. Mehta has served as chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1996. He was awarded the first-ever AES CILCO Endowed Energy-Related Professorship in 2001 recognizing his tireless efforts to improve energy efficiency. Dr. Mehta received the Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award in 1994. 

“Dr. Mehta’s commitment to energy-related issues through his research, publications, and work with students makes him the ideal candidate to hold the AES CILCO Professorship,” said Dr. Richard Johnson, Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology.

The AES CILCO Endowed Energy-Relate Professorship was established through the support of AES CILCO to bring knowledge and experience that address energy-related issues into the classroom and the curriculum.

Dr. Mehta earned a bachelor’s degree from Punjab University and holds master’s degrees from Kansas State University and Aligarh University. He received his Ph.D. in 1979 from Iowa State University where he was an instructor prior to coming to Bradley.