College of Education and Health Sciences

Joan L. Sattler,

Lori Russell-Chapin,
Associate Dean and Graduate Studies Coordinator

The College of Education and Health Sciences at Bradley University was founded in June 1985. The mission of the College is to prepare leaders within the human service professions. The college provides innovative programs through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and collaboration with interdisciplinary and community-based partnerships. This dynamic learning environment prepares our graduates to provide services in a diverse and global society to enhance human resources and to foster life-long learning. It includes graduate degree programs within the following departments:

  1. Educational Leadership and Human Development, offering programs in leadership in educational administration, leadership in human service administration, and human development counseling. Chair: Christopher Rybak.
  2. Teacher Education, offering programs in curriculum and instruction with concentrations in assessment, early childhood education, educational technology, gifted education, literacy and education, middle school education, multidisciplinary education, reading teacher, science education, and special education. The department also offers a master's degree in curriculum and instruction special education concentration. A Reading Specialist endorsements is also available. Chair: D. Antonio Cantu.
  3. Nursing, offering a Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) in nursing administration, nurse administered anesthesia, and M.S.N-General and supportive courses in nursing. Chair: Francesca Armmer.
  4. Physical Therapy and Health Science, offering a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.). Chair: Steve Tippett.

Although the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences does not offer a graduate degree program, graduate courses are available to fulfill cognate and elective purposes. The department also offers the Dietetics Internship Graduate Certificate. Chair: Nina Collins.

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree is conferred upon students who have completed a minimum of 33 graduate semester hours in curriculum and instruction or curriculum and instruction special education. Before any application can be approved, the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) must be a part of the candidate’s record. The GRE testing program changed significantly in 2002, and this change affected the graduate admissions requirements for the departments in the College of Education and Health Sciences. Questions about these requirements for admission should be directed to the respective department. The candidate is urged to make necessary testing arrangements with the EHS secretary, 677-3181, for the MAT. The GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Service. Candidates can get more information on the GRE by visiting on the Internet. This will expedite the application process.

All applicants must complete the prescribed application forms of the College of Education and Health Sciences and Graduate School. The applicant seeking admission to the curriculum and instruction or curriculum and instruction special education programs must obtain two letters of reference.

ELH 604 is strongly recommended as the first course taken by all degree candidates. The other core course that is mandated in all professional education programs within the College of Education and Health Sciences is ELH 605. It is recommended that the two required core courses be completed during the first 12 semester hours of the student’s program in ELH. Students should consult with their advisor for departmental program requirements.

The Education Reform Act requires that after July 1, 1988, all persons seeking early childhood, elementary, special, high school, school service personnel, or administrative certificates in Illinois must pass both a test of basic skills and a test of subject-matter knowledge. Those persons covered include new graduates from teacher preparation programs, educators moving to Illinois from other states, and Illinois educators applying for additional certification.

This Catalog represents the University’s best effort to communicate information on academic programs, policies, rules, and regulations that were in effect at the time of its publication. Students should be aware that the University reserves the right to modify these programs, policies, rules, and regulations at any time within a student’s term of residence. The University’s policy is to provide notice of any such modifications sufficiently in advance of their implementation to ensure adjustments without undue inconvenience. Before pre-registering for any academic term, students should contact the administrative office of their academic department or college to verify the most current information.

This is the official catalog for the 2010-2011 academic year. This catalog serves as a contract between a student and Bradley University. Should changes in a program of study become necessary prior to the next academic year every effort will be made to keep students advised of any such changes via the Dean of the College or Chair of the Department concerned, the Registrar's Office, u.Achieve degree audit system, and the Schedule of Classes. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of the current program and graduation requirements for particular degree programs.