Center for Student Development and Health Services

  • Counseling
  • Health Services
  • Testing and Guidance
  • Wellness

The Center for Student Development and Health Services offers assistance to students seeking information, services, or resources for their overall well being and development. The Center provides physical and emotional consulting and services to all Bradley University students. Through the Health and Counseling Center, the professional staff offers a holistic approach to student wellness.

Student Health Services provides personal counseling services to aid in the total development of students as well as to enhance the success of their academic achievement. Services are provided by professional counselors and are confidential and free for Bradley students.

Health Services provides primary care for Bradley students. The Center offers care for injuries and short-term illnesses and advises students on medical matters. The physicians may also refer students needing more intensive physical or medical care to the Peoria health community.

The Center for Testing can assist students with assessment of their professional goals. Referrals to the appropriate departments may be made for further information about career and practicum opportunities.

The Wellness Program offers information to students about drug and alcohol prevention, nutritional needs, and sexual awareness.