Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction (Post-Master's & Post-Bachelor's)

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Program Overview

The Department also offers a Graduate Certificate Program in C & I.  A Graduate Certificate is a declaration indicating someone has completed a prescribed set of courses in a discipline.  A Graduate Certificate is not a Master's Degree and is not the same as teacher certification.  Teachers who hold either a bachelor's or master's degree can benefit from the program.  Benefits include increased expertise in instructional content and pedagogy and advancement on school districts' salary schedules.  Teachers also benefit by being able to gain either additional expertise in their selected areas of specialization or by broadening their knowledge and skills in additional areas.  In addition, they will be able to continue their life-long learning endeavors within flexible, complex teaching frameworks in a diverse, global community. 

Students in the program will have:

  1. an opportunity to expand their learning beyond that in their bachelor's or other master's degree;
  2. a basic core of learning focusing on cultural diversity and instructional strategies and designs; and
  3. an area of concentration of coursework that will strengthen their pedagogical and/or pedagogical content knowledge.  Students may select from one of the following areas of concentration: assessment, early childhood education, educational technology, gifted education, literacy education, reading teacher, science education, special education, middle school education, or multidisciplinary education.

The courses included in the Certificate Program are the same as some of those offered in the Master's Degree Program.  Teachers may choose to apply their Certificate Program courses toward a full Master's Degree by completing the remainder of the coursework needed for the Master's Degree.


The department graduate programs are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the State of Illinois.  NCATE accreditation is difficult to obtain, and not every university is successful in achieving it.  It is a mark of distinction and is indicative of the high quality of the programs.

Estimated Time to Complete the Program

Students in the Graduate Certificate Program who are full-time can complete the program in less than one calendar year, while part-time students can complete it in up to five years.

Semester Hours Required

The Graduate Certificate Program consists of 15 semester hours of coursework.

Strength of the Program

The strengths of both the Master's Degree and Graduate Certificate Programs lies in their flexibility, allowing them to be tailored more closely to students' needs and interests. 

Research Opportunities for Students

Students have opportunities for research through several courses, including ETE 550 (Independent Study), ETE 650 (Topics in C & I and Technology), ETE 698 (Creative Production/Research), and ETE 699 (Thesis).  Other courses often offer opportunities for students to engage in small research projects.  In addition, faculty are open to collaborating with students on research projects of interest to both parties.

Faculty and Their Interests

Faculty and their interests are widely varied and span pre-K - Adult levels and in each major education area.  More detail about individual faculty and their interests can be found at the Department of Teacher Education.

Department Contact Information

Graduate Program Coordinators
Dr. Kevin D. Finson, 309-677-3196, finson@fsmail.bradley.edu
Dr. Helja Antola Crowe, 309-677-2521, helja@fsmail.bradley.edu
Dr. Celia Johnson, 309-677-3187, cej@fsmail.bradley.edu

Department Chair

A. Dean Cantu , 309-677-3190, dcantu@fsmail.bradley.edu

Department Secretary

Maureen Kelly, 309-677-3190, mmkelly@fsmail.bradley.edu