Thesis Information

Submission of Thesis

Students completing a thesis must submit the completed thesis digitally. The Graduate School uses UMI ETD Administrator. Students must set up an account with UMI ETD Administrator to submit their thesis. Students now have the following options available when submitting a thesis:

  • copyright their thesis
  • wider choice of how they want it published in hard copy or digitally
  • control over when the thesis is actually published (theses are not released for publishing until after degrees are officially posted)

Submission Deadlines

Please see the "Dates and Deadlines for Degree or Certificate Completion" on the Graduation and Commencement Information page.

Thesis Processing Fee

Graduate Students writing a thesis must pay a processing fee of $30.00. This fee, which is subject to change, can be paid online.  Click here to pay Processing Fee online.

Thesis Guide

The Thesis Guide provides information about how to prepare your thesis for publishing. Download the Thesis Guide (pdf).

Thesis Processing Time Guidelines

The processing time begins after your degree has been posted by the Registrar’s office which is two weeks after the date of graduation.

Submission to Proquest/UMI by The Graduate School 1-2 weeks after degrees posted
Your thesis is published online by UMI 8-10 weeks after submission
Your order is mailed to you 4-6 weeks after published online